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Social Media

Be sure you know the answer before you ask the question, otherwise you are totally opening yourself up for virtual public humiliation.

At Another Wedding

Seriously, dude, at a wedding?


The one day of their lives where all of the attention is focused on the blissfully happy couple getting married.


Today is for them..


Throw yourself a party another time.

Eiffel Tower

At the top of the Eiffel Tower! in any city other than Paris.


The Tower is a Global Landmark, somehow none of the 30 replicas quite do the real thing justice.

At a Party/Family Gathering

In front of your parents, her parents or both sets of parents.

Surprising her infront of everyone might SEEM like a grand sweeping gesture, to some people.

The repercussions are obvious, aren't they?

Sporting Event

Please do not propose to your girlfriend at halftime on the jumbotron.

The silence in the stadium while you await your answer is deafening.

However, if you really are intent on doing this, at least take your baseball cap off.

Amusement Park

Unless you both think the happiest place on earth is WHERE IT'S AT! this might not be the place.

Maybe when you propose you could ask Mickey to make an appearance.

At the Carnival

On a carousel or any ride at some carnival, amusement park, or fair.


Mmmm, cotton candy and funnel cake.


If you are going to ask on a roller-coaster... Does this need further explanation?


From the high dive, just before landing a massive cannonball.

Where are we, summer camp?

Don't you have to be at least a certain age to get married?

New Year's Eve

Seriously, what the hell is the matter with you?


Will You Marry Me?


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